10 Tips For A Clean Home

  • Clean as you go – Cleaning as the mess is created can avoid a big build up, which may put you off tidying. When cooking, put ingredients/utensils away when you’re finished using them.
  • Focus on 1 room per week – I like to de-clutter and deep clean one room per week, as tackling the whole house would just be impossible. This helps me find motivation to do it as it doesn’t take long and it isn’t’ daunting.
  • Put the washing away every evening – Doing this will avoid a build up of washing. It will also feel like a small task as it isn’t a whole weeks washing being put away.
  • Keep bathroom cleaning products upstairs – I find if upstairs cleaning products are stored upstairs i’m more likely to clean the bathroom more often. I usually give the bathroom a quick spray before getting in the shower. (completing two tasks in one is always easier)
  • Move from task to task rather than room to room –  Doing this will allow you to complete your cleaning routine faster, while feeling like you are doing less.
  • Have a day to day cleaning routine – Simple activities done each week can lighten the load. Every morning before getting dressed I open the curtains and make the bed. I find that this automatically makes the room look tidier.
  • A Quick tidy before you go to bed – Waking up the next day and trying to tidy everything with a toddler just isn’t worth it. Having everything organised and clean, can help your morning routine run much smoother.

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