Hello Fresh Review

We recently tried hello fresh as we had 50% off discount codes. It’s really easy to order, as they have an app where preferences can be stored along with personal info. Although delivery is a bit of a problem as they only deliver to my address once a week between 8am-7am. This is a weekday when I’m at university.

The selection of weekly recipes is good, and a little bit different – it’s not the standard weekly dinners over and over again. It brought back my excitement for cooking. I’m vegetarian while James isn’t so the majority of the recipes we choose are veggie. (When choosing the veggie option you can only order three meals per week)

I found using hello fresh so convenient as we don’t have to struggle to think of what we can have for dinner. It also cancels out running around the supermarket with a toddler problem.  The recipes are easy to follow as the instructions are accompanied by images. There are also options to choose a ‘rapid’ box if you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking. Each recipe is colour coded and has an individual bag. This makes getting the ingredients out a whole lot easier. The recipe cards can be used over and over again, giving us dinner inspiration.

The cost is quite expensive for the three meals for two people. It is worth it for the convenience. (No supermarkets ever again woohooo) Although, there are a lot of discount codes available to get your 1st and 2nd boxes half price.  Plus the box it is delivered in is like a new toy for Darragh.  Use code ORLQUI for £20 off your first box!!Hello Fresh

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