How to ‘Self Care’ ?

To be a better mum/partner/friend you first need to look after yourself, if you can’t look after yourself how can you look after anyone else? Having so much on the ‘to do’ list can leave very little time to enjoy the things you love, but taking ten minutes out of each day can improve how you feel.

Sleep – Going to bed an hour earlier can allow you to feel well rested and re-charged ready for the day ahead. I like to get at least 8 hours sleep. If I don’t, I feel exhausted by the afternoon and who wants a tired mumma?

Digital Detox – Having a few days away from social media, messaging and emails allows your brain to focus more on you and not everyone else. When I take time away from my phone, i’m more productive, I make more time for me.

Candles – Buying and lighting new candles has become my favorite treat since moving in to my own home. (I even treat myself to Yankee Candles) The soothing smells filtering through the house, automatically relax me.

Watch your favorite TV show or movie – Finding a good show that I enjoy allows me to focus on something else rather than my ‘to do’ list. I’ve recently just started watching vampire diaries, and I look forward to watching an episode in the evening when Darragh goes to bed.

A bath ALONE – Imagine getting the chance to have a bath alone, as rare as it is I love it. Over Mothers Day I got some beautiful bath bombs, and ever since I have been treating myself to a new bath bomb every month and WOW I had been missing out.

De-cluttering – When I have to many ‘things’ and there isn’t enough places to put them it gets to me. Clearing out old junk and things I haven’t used in a while clears my mind. It’s also easier to keep your home tidier if there isn’t so many possessions lying around. I usually stick by the 1 year rule – If I haven’t worn/used it in the past year, I throw it out.

Diet – When I’m eating ‘Junk’ foods it makes my body feel sluggish and tired. Eating healthier improves my mood and gives me more energy. Self Care = Health

Fresh Air – Enjoying the scenery that’s right on your doorstep can sometimes surprise you. Usually because you live there it often gets dismissed as you’re used to it. Taking time out to enjoy this creates a sense of calm in you’re busy life. It can also be a good way to distract a bored toddler.

Reading – Before going to bed each night I read a few pages of my book. Ever since I started this I find myself being able to sleep quicker and wake up feeling more rested.

Clear your mind – Write down any thoughts that are bothering you or things that you have to do, doing this can clear your mind.

Happy Mum = Happy Baby 

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