Whats in my hand luggage?

We’re travelling to Alicante on Tuesday for some well deserved relaxation. (I hope)  I thought I’d share what I’m bringing in my hand luggage to entertain my toddler on the flight.

For a toddler

  • Lots and lots and lots of snacks!!!!! One thing that is sure to keep him entertained is food. I have packed fruit pouches, goodies carrot crisps and some cereal bars for the journey there.
  • We picked up a few small toys that will fit in to the hand luggage bag. Included are some toy cars, a small book as he loves reading and his favorite teddy. Although he’ll probably end up playing with non-toy toys, like the aircraft magazine.
  • I downloaded the BBC kids i-player, which lets you download kids TV shows and play them even when you aren’t connected to wifi/data.
  • As he still sucks a dummy, we bought a few new ones to take with us just in case he looses them along the way. This saves us from a meltdown!!
  • He loves puppets, so I managed last minute to order finger puppets on amazon so we can keep him entertained they’re so small they don’t take up any room in the hand luggage bag.
  • A spare change of clothes are essential for hand luggage along with nappies/wipes/bibs.
  • A pack of crayons and a small book

For me

  • I packed my phone charger and a spare charging tank in case it runs out and we need to watch peppa pig. (emergency)
  • I also packed sunglasses for when we arrive in Spain.
  • Travel deodorant is a must!!
  • Plus all the essentials like passports, money. boarding passes etc

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