Our ‘needed’ getaway

We decided mid January to book something last minute, out of season to avoid the hot temperatures as we didn’t fancy subjecting a toddler to the high temperatures of July/August. We packed our bags and jetted off… if only it was that easy!!!! Preparations started months before making sure we were equipped to entertain a toddler at any given moment. The travelling wasn’t as bad as we though even if we were a suitcase down (why do they produce matching suitcases??) Sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad, we enjoyed our holiday regardless. We stayed in a lovely town called Calpe, in Alicante. It was beautiful, not bustly with too many tourists just what we were looking for. Our hotel was so family orientated they had a great playroom for kids which i’m sure the adults thoroughly enjoyed. We ate out every night trying as many different cuisines as we could as let’s be honest who wants to cook on holiday.?? NOT ME!! We rented bikes and cycled around the town which was lovely, it also kept Darragh entertained seeing all the new surroundings! Ofcourse we relaxed around the pool indulging in too many cocktails, I don’t know why sangria isn’t a common drink over here. I’m having major holiday blues now and already looking at holidays for May, I think I want to live abroad!! I need more sunshine.

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