Top 5 Favourite Toddler Books

We have always encouraged reading since Darragh was a tiny baby and now it is his favourite activity to do. We often go down to our local library and take a few books out as it”s much more economical although we do have a few favourites at home. Encouraging your toddler to read from an early age can improve their speech development and give them more confidence when talking. I’ve listed our top ten favourites that we will always love.

  1. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen- Being a childhood favourite of mine I couldn’t wait to introduce this book to Darragh, we even purchased it before he was born!
  2. I am Bear by Ben Baily Smith & Sav Akyuz – This book is great as it’s full of brightly coloured images, and the story line is pretty funny!
  3. Hooray for Fish by Lucy Coiusins – A colourful story from start to finish, this became one of our firm favourites. It’s a simple story for toddlers to understand, describing all different types of fish that could exist.
  4. Noisy Farm by Jessica Greenwell – This was a great book to encourage Darragh to recognize different animals and match them with their sounds. He loved pressing the sounds over and over again much to my delight!!!
  5. A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler – Although this book is a bit complex for a toddler, we just love it Darragh will sit contently and listen to every word. It’s a book about animals and he loves pointing to each one and saying what it is! It also has a good lesson throughout it.

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