How to entertain a toddler 101

Being at home with a toddler all day can be a nightmare if there is no stimulation for them or anything exciting for them to explore! I always plan activities if we are having a stay at home day, as it makes everyone’s life a lot easier. Here are some activities we do to keep our toddler happy and content.

Bubbles are always are go t o distraction. They are cheap while providing hours of fun. Although trying to get your toddler to actually blow the bubbles may be a bit tricky, but bubble machines are an inexpensive alternative and great for sunny afternoons.

Painting is usually dreaded by parents as paint goes everywhere (we’ve been there) but instead of painting pictures, we put the paint in resealable food bags and Darragh enjoys moving the paint around the bag! It also leaves no mess, win-win.

Treasure baskets can be a great quite time activity. I like to find usual household objects that we have around the house and place them in a basket. Darragh spends a lot of time sorting through an exploring all the different objects he hasn’t seen before. (while asking “what’s that?” over and over again)

If we’ve been in the house and have ran out of ideas to keep him happy, bath time can be a great way to entertain him. We usually put all his balls from the ball pit in with him and some bath toys,

Sensory play can be a great entertainment for toddlers. We like to use colored spaghetti, using food dye. Its so simple and inexpensive to make. All you need is spaghetti, food colouring and food bags.

Dance parties always have our toddler running around laughing constantly. We love using the google home, to play songs while we dance like nobody is watching. (Let’s hope they aren’t anyway)

If all else fails, get some fresh air! Nothing beats playing outside, it’s our toddlers favorite thing to do!!

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