Opinion on the gendered stereotype placed on toys

If a little boy wants to play with a doll, what is the big problem. Similarly if a girl wants to play with cars and blocks, why insist that she plays with dolls and prams?

One day he may want to become a father and will need life skills like these to look after his children. Maybe we shouldn’t create this alienated culture that prevents boys from playing with these type of toys. Maybe one day she will want to become a bus driver, and the love for this was seen in childhood when she wanted to play with vehicles. Maybe one day you’ll want your son, grandson, nephew or friend to learn how to cook? Then why discourage them from playing with kitchens and utensils if one day you will want them to gain this life skill?

Product marketing has effected most of the gendered stereotype placed on toys. It is seen that toys targeted towards girls are in pretty pink packaging while products for boys are in blue packaging.  Many people won’t buy toys for boys if they are in pink packaging! why? Pink  is a colour just like all the other colours in the rainbow. People buy girls predominately toys that are in pink packaging, why?

Toys are toys!

Children learn from us and this is where these habits stem from. We need to break these habits in order for this stereotype to end and let children be children. It doesn’t matter if Ben plays with a doll or pram. It doesn’t matter if Ellen likes to play with building blocks. They are playing, and playing with a range of toys is important. It widens their learning, ability to use different skills and most importantly they are having fun with what they want to play with.  Children can make up there own minds on what toys they like to play with. If girls want to play with dolls, great. If boys want to play with cars, great. The most important thing is that they have the choice, they play with toys they want to play with not because we force that stereotype on to them.

Let children be children! Blog post



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