Reading for Relaxation

Although it’s hard to get the chance to read a book, with a crazy toddler running around. I always find that reading just before I go to sleep, calms me down in preparation for settling down for the night. It takes my mind off stress that has bothered me throughout the day, allowing me to clear my mind for a nice rest. Since becoming a mum I have thoroughly enjoyed reading parenting books (with a twist). Here are some of my favs I have enjoyed throughout pregnancy/motherhood.

  • Parenting the sh*t out of life (made me laugh so much, even when I was sleep deprived)
  • The Unmumsy mum Diary
  • Happy Mum, Happy Baby
  • Hurrah for Gin
  • Gina ford contented little baby (Perfect for finding a routing that suites you and baby)
  • How to grow a baby and push it out (Perfect to read during pregnancy)
  • How to grow a baby Journal (Lovely to look back at after pregnancy, and I thoroughly enjoyed filling it in).

If you aren’t a fan of physically reading a book there is other alternatives such as audio books or reading it through a mobile device/tablet. It also may be cheaper doing it this way. Although I prefer the traditional way to read books as I can always keep them and hand them down to friends or family to enjoy.



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