Our Crazy Life as Three

Hi i’m Orlagh, a mom to one little boy, a partner to James and I have just recently graduated from Ulster University.

I met my partner September 2016, and there was an immediate connection between the two of us the moment we met. At the start we were pretty much inseparable, the newly together days and all that. We fell pregnant in March 2017, a little sooner than we expected but this is the path that was right for us to take. Our little boy Darragh was born on the 20th December 2017 and filled our hearts with such love the moment we laid eyes on him. Ever since, our lives have been a world wind trying to balance life, work, studying, parenting and of course having time as a family. (Trickier than I imagined)

As our little boy is nineteen months, we didn’t realize how time goes by so fast and how precious memories really are. I decided to create a blog to document our lives as a trio. So here is our crazy life (which will defiantly get a whole lot crazier as we are now expecting baby no.2).



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